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Tree Showcase

Leyland Cypress:


Mature Height:    25ft +                

Mature Width:     Usually determined by the spacing between trees in the row-6'+. 

Sunlight:  Full sun, partial sun; 

Soil:.  Likes well-drained soil, but must be kept well watered when first planted.      

Growth Rate: Rapid, 2.5- 4' a year once established. Grows wide and tall depending on growing conditions.     

"Instant Privacy" Use:  Very popular "Instant Privacy" tree. (Border / Screening)

"Instant Privacy" Spacing:  The rule of thumb is "3' centers", meaning the trunks of each tree are 3' apart.  So if you're trying to cover 30', you'd need 10 trees.  These trees can also be spaced depending on their height wider at 4' to 5' on centers.

Available Sizes

Leyland Cypress

4-5 Feet

5-6 Feet

6-7 Feet

7-8 Feet

8-10 Feet

10-12 Feet

12-14 Feet

and UP


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